20 year Memorial Service

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On Tuesday the 5th of November people gathered at the Helsinki cathedral to commemorate those who have lost their lives to substance abuse. This year marked the 20th year anniversary whilst having the biggest congregation. The service was organized in co-operation with substance abuse organizations and the Helsinki cathedral.

The service included a sermon by the priest with also a recital of our lord’s prayer.  A moment of silence was conducted to remember the loved ones. Also included in the service, where 2 memorial tributes spoken by family members in Finnish and Swedish language.

Before the service, the steps had been beautifully decorated with candles to symbolize the lives lost. Participants could also add to the display with personal messages and cards.

After the service, a candlelight procession was held. Where about 200 people walked from the Senate Square to parliament square. Once there everyone placed a candle for a loved one.


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Written by Amber Sinisalo